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Compliance : U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) : Model 1 IGA :  
Cayman Moves Forward with FATCA Compliance
The Cayman Islands Government has announced it would adopt a Model 1 intergovernmental agreement (IGA) in response to US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
Rolston Anglin
Minister of Finance
Cayman Islands

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Compliance : Accounting
> New VAT Rules
> Better Address Company Risk
> Finance, Performance, Risk and Regulatory Reporting
> OMS National Insurance Company Chooses Accenture to Meet Business Transformation Goals
> Wolters Kluwer Adds Cost Basis Reporting for Debt and Options
Compliance : Basel III
> Wolters Kluwer Selected for Basel III Reporting
Compliance : Cloud
> Virtustream’s Federal Cloud Receives Authorization to Operate from the U.S. Department of the Interior
> Axway Cloud Solutions Certified as Enterprise Class
> Montrium: Microsoft is Committed to Compliance
> Virtustream Adds Enterprise Risk Management
Compliance : Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act
> Capital Bank to Fight Money Laundering with SAS
Compliance : Dodd Frank
> 2nd Anniversary of SEC Conflict Minerals Rule
> Anniversary of the of the Dodd-Frank Act
> The Future of Conflict Minerals
> Boards Exceeding Environmental Oversight Requirements
> Impact On Operational Risk
> Unifi Earns Responsible Source Certification
> BWise Offers Vendor Risk Management Solution as Supply Chain Risks Increase
> Supply-Chain Guarantee Renewed for Citibank Supporting CNH Suppliers
> Goldman Sachs Leads a Strategic Financing Round for MetricStream
> Integral First to Announce Compliance with EBCS Mid-Mark Requirement
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Compliance : ESG Factors
> GENIVI 5.0 Compliance
> Tying Sustainability Metrics to Executive Compensation
Compliance : Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
> Iron Mountain Shredding Program Aids in Preventing Identity Theft
Compliance : Federal Corrupt Practices Act
> Survey: Proper FCPA Due Diligence is Biggest Challenge
Compliance : Financial Crime
> EXIGER Launches Global Regulatory and Financial Crime, Risk and Compliance Firm
Compliance : Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
> Partnership Formed to Expand MENA Services
> Uncovering High-Yield Investments in Ethics & Compliance
> Partnership to to Integrate FCPA-Focused Transaction Monitoring
> The Red Flag Group and Concur Fight Global GTE Bribery Risk
> Webinar Series to Help Detect and Prevent FCPA Violations
Compliance : HIPPA
> MMIS Solution to Reduce States’ Risks and Costs
> First Data Recovery of an SMR Drive Has Been Successfully Completed
> LogRhythm Becomes the Only Security Intelligence Platform to Achieve Meaningful Use Certification
> Magic End-to-End Enterprise Mobility
> DriveSavers Emphasizes Security
> Protect Patient Privacy, Ensure Trust, and Maintain Regulatory Compliance
> Cloud Data Security with HIPAA Compliance
> Axion Health’s HIPAA and NIST-Compliance Provides Peace of Mind with Secure Data
> Top Priorities: Audit Awareness, Compliance Effectiveness and Training
> New Working Group to Support White House Cybersecurity Order
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Compliance : International Filings
> Thanachart Bank Selects Wolters Kluwer IFRS Solution
> Key International Deadlines: 2013 Calendar
Compliance : Investment Company Act
> Reforming Money Market Funds
Compliance : NERC
> Partnership to Provide NERC Compliance Solution and Consulting Services
Compliance : PCI Security
> PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance Validation Solution
> New PCI Essentials Training Course Announced
> Remote System Management Delivers PCI DSS Compliance
> New Tools Allow Retailers to Tap into Wi-Fi
> Encap Security Joins FIDO Alliance
> Tenable Network Security Validated for PCI DSS 3.0 for VMware
> Fraud Index Report To Monitor Global Online Payment Scams
> PCI Compliance Guide
> BeyondTrust Proves Ability to Detect, Identify and Report Vulnerabilities
> Defeat and Analyze Threats in Real-Time
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Compliance : Sarbanes Oxley
> Improve Financial Reporting of Going Concern Entities
> Advanced Data Governance
> Risk-Based Global Compliance Solution
> Data Interpretations That Matter to the Business
> The Power of Data Reporting Standards in Private and Public Sectors
> BlackCloud Data Recovery
> Communication Network for Moscow’s New Spartak Stadium
> Advanced Data Governance Solution for Box Customers
> HyTrust Partners with Intel to Enhance Security
> Netwrix Announces Increasing Demand in Security and Compliance
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Compliance : Service Contract Act
> CostCommand Assists Government Contractors With Compliance
Compliance : Sustainability
> Agilent Supports 10GBASE-KR/40GBASE-KR4 Compliance Testing
> Agilent Technologies Advances Sustainability Goals
Compliance : Thought Leader
> Attacks Mostly Undetected Until Too Late
> BlackLine Systems CEO Invited to Speak at Silicon Beach Fest 2014
Compliance : U.S .Drug Quality and Security Act
> rfXcel to Meet China Anti-Counterfeiting
Compliance : U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
> CSC Helps Financial Institutions Comply With FATCA

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