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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Paz Kahana
CharacTell Ltd.

Perhaps the most serious aspect of Sarbanes-Oxley to management is that in order to comply, one has to prepare for, protect from, and even defend, the unknown. It may only take one "missing" document or e-mail, regardless of intent, to possibly fall out of compliance. How does one know what they are missing?

Dr. Paz Kahana is President and Chief Executive Officer of CharacTell Ltd, a software company specializing in advanced character recognition and page analysis technologies, and providing products for data capture, form processing, and document management.

Before joining CharacTell, Dr. Kahana was with Siemens ElectroCom, L.P. There he is responsible for the overall worldwide sales and marketing, product planning and strategic relationships for im-aging products. Dr. Kahana had held the position of vice president of product management and strategic alliances at Xionics Document Technologies, Inc., and GM/VP of sales and marketing for TiS America, Inc., the US subsidiary of Top Image Systems (TISA, NASDAQ).

Dr. Kahana has over twenty years experience in marketing and sales, development and general management in the computer industry, including Wang Laboratories and Sun Microsystems, with twelve in its imaging and recognition sectors.

Dr. Kahana attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Massachusetts Institute of Technol-ogy Graduate School of Sciences, and the Boston College School of Management.

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