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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Kon Leong
ZipLip, Inc.

Obvious challenges remain in the implementation of SarbOx processes and procedures to ensure adequate financial controls for reporting. While these issues are being ironed out, it appears that one aspect of SarbOx has not been given the attention it deserves.

Hidden in the glare of other spotlights is the monitoring function, needed for continued compliance and effectiveness of controls. While monitoring is well defined in comparable compliance regulations such as in the SEC rules governing broker-dealer conduct, the SarbOx implementers have yet to place the same emphasis on monitoring.

Taking a page from the SEC rules for broker-dealers, monitoring can be rendered a more manageable issue through oversight of the communication media. In the case of broker-dealer oversight, monitoring of relevant email traffic is a key component. It should not be long before SarbOx implementation takes a similar tack and focuses on the monitoring of relevant communications channels, particularly email. In recent cases of corporate misconduct, for example, it was pointed out that email traffic, had it been monitored, would have yielded early signs of questionable conduct.

Kon Leong is co-founder and CEO of ZipLip, Inc., a leading vendor of software for email archival and security for compliance. He has extensive experience in storage and messaging, and is active in high tech trade organizations, having served on the boards of the High Performance Networking Forum (HNF) and the SCSI Trade Association (STA). Prior to ZipLip, he had 20 years of work experience in high-tech start-ups and the IT and financial sector, with Philips NV, Unisys, General Motors, Deutsche Bank, and others. He holds an undergraduate degree from Loyola and an MBA from Wharton.

Founded in 1999, and based in Mountain View, California, ZipLip makes enterprise software for email management, integrating email archival, secure email and secure files on a single, scalable platform. Enterprise customers include Walgreens, ADP, Hancock Bank, Furukawa, SRI, SI International, Reed-Elsevier, PNB, Delta Dental, and many others.

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