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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Arthur Gingrande
IMERGE Consulting

Relative to technology, Sarbanes-Oxley is both a curse and a blessing ? a curse, because technology is what made it possible to enforce SOX compliance and pass the legislation into law to begin with; a blessing, because SOX compliance is forcing big companies to reengineer their business processes, which can create enormous productivity gains.

Arthur Gingrande is a partner of IMERGE Consulting in Lexington, MA, and nationally acclaimed expert and pioneer in image-based intelligent character recognition (ICR), electronic forms, and forms automation. Since 1991, over 250 of his essays and articles on those subjects have been published in various trade periodicals.

Mr. Gingrande is the author of Forms Automation � from ICR to Electronic Forms to the Internet, published by the Association for Imaging and Information Management (AIIM), a book about the role of forms automation in document management and electronic commerce. He also wrote two handbooks, Cost-Justifying an ICR Solution, and Measuring and Improving Data Entry Productivity, published by TAWPI.

Additionally, Mr. Gingrande is the author of the white papers, "Enterprise Application Integration: Connecting the New Application Frontier with the Old," and "Challenges and Solutions in Processing Unstructured Documents," both published by AIIM. Numerous articles and white papers of his can be found at He can be contacted by phone at (781) 258-8181 or by email at

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