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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Roy Zisapel

The most challenging SOX issue today is to ensure data integrity and user security without compromising on network performance. Often, security tools introduce single points of failure, performance degradations and overloads that undermine the operation of best of breed defense architectures. Companies must eliminate the security-performance tradeoff when meeting compliance goals.

Technology is implemented to safeguard the network and critical applications in order to focus on servicing customers and generating revenues. The challenge is to achieve this without negatively affecting the performance of the network and its applications.

Roy Zisapel, co-founder of Radware, has served as Chief Executive Officer and President and a director since its inception. Mr. Zisapel also serves as a director of Radware Inc. and other subsidiaries.

From February 1996 to March 1997, Mr. Zisapel was a team leader of research and development projects for RND Networks Ltd. From July 1994 to February 1996, Mr. Zisapel was employed as a software engineer for unaffiliated companies in Israel. Mr. Zisapel serves as a director in Infogate On Line Ltd. Mr. Zisapel has a B.Sc. degree in mathematics and computer science from Tel-Aviv University.

Roy Zisapel is the son of Yehuda Zisapel.

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