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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Susan Nash
President and CEO

The single most challenging issue surrounding Sarbanes Oxley today? Automation.

What organizations need today, more than anything, is a way to automatically, easily and instantly know whether they're operating in compliance. But that's not even enough. There must also be a way to get back into compliance quickly and automatically, whenever problems are detected.

IT organizations must make sure they are continuously monitoring their Sarbanes Oxley policies to remain in compliance at all times, not just at the point in time that an audit is performed. The only way to truly do that - to complete the compliance circle - is through the real-time and robust advantages offered by a good network configuration management solution.

This kind of automation doesn't just save money-- although it can and should do that. More importantantly, it gives organizations the tools to plan and prevent and react quickly, when necessary. It's no longer enough to think of compliance as a series of reports providing an auditable trail of change. Instead, compliance is a complete process not an end destination.

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