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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Dave Ellenberger
President and CEO
170 Systems

While the rush to achieve initial compliance has passed, companies are still faced with the relative complexity of their financial business processes.

CFOs are examining the documentation generated by their Sarbanes-Oxley efforts and asking a strategic question: Are our processes well designed, automated, efficient and effective?

As they contemplate the reality of sustained compliance, enterprises must choose between testing the same cumbersome and manual processes each year or investing in new best practices automation of their critical processes and controls.

While it requires some up front investment, optimizing key areas such as Accounts Payable can provide tremendous returns. Costs, complexity and cycle times are reduced, internal controls are strengthened and service levels increased. The possibility of human error, lost documents or fraud drops dramatically. As a result, the 404 certification process is permanently simplified and usually with better results.

170 Systems has optimized the financial business processes of many of the world's largest organizations. We leverage the enterprise information hub - the ERP system, extending it to line-of-business users, customers and suppliers and capturing and managing all supporting information.

Our process management software, best practices experience and solutions expertise ensure the automation of complete process lifecycle, reducing operating costs, increasing visibility, reducing cycle times to improve service, strengthening internal controls and maximizing cash flow.

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