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What is the single most challenging Sarbanes-Oxley issue today?

Ray Zambroski
President and CEO
Essential Security Software

Small and midsize businesses are evaluating the added financial burden of ongoing compliance and trying to project how much those costs will recede over time. For these companies, the key is finding a simple, cost effective solution that doesn't overly tax their IT and accounting departments.

One aspect of a compliance solution for small and midsize companies is security software for email that protects financial information sent within a company, as well as beyond the firewall. Powerful encryption and rights management controls enable employees to send financial documents and emails that can't be fraudulently or accidentally misused (documents and emails can't be forwarded, copied, edited or printed for example).

In today's age of growing security concerns and increased regulations, protection and control over internal and outbound financial data is a critical component of an overall compliance solution.

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